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Sales Consultant (Nährer & Partner GmbH) September 2022 - Januar 2024

Attract more suitable employees for your company In the roof region Austria How you as an ambitious company can easily find professionally qualified and personally suitable employees.

Head of Sales (Occupational health management for real estate companies ) Februar 2022 -

Independent root cause analysis for holistic health. As a real estate company, increase the performance of your employees with verifiable KPIs + reduce sick days by at least 25% + save money by switching to better health insurance with usually even better benefits. (Currently for companies with up to 250 employees)

Trainee (Königswege GmbH) April 2023 -

I help ambitious and busy people to build up medium and long-term wealth with the help of ETFs and real estate on a scientific and financial mathematical basis without spending a lot of their own time. I specialize in the following topics as an independent analyst & consultant for investment and financial assets with a holistic approach that is goal-oriented, individually tailored to personal goals and at the same time always customer-oriented and people-oriented. ✅️Preparation for the IHK exams in Germany ✅️Structure of ETF portfolios on a scientific and financial mathematical basis ✅️ Reduction of the taxation of ETF savings plans ✅️Consulting services on ETFs as a repayment substitute for real estate as a capital investment ✅️ Fee-based advice and advisory management for real estate as an investment

Geschäftsführender Inhaber (Bader Consulting ) Januar 2021 -

Through customized digital recruiting, we support real estate companies in their search for qualified specialists and managers.

Business partner (ERGO Group AG) Dezember 2021 - Januar 2023

Digitaler Franchispartner (Lukas Lindler Holding GmbH ) November 2021 - April 2022


Willy-Brandt-Schule Mülheim () August 2013 - Januar 2024

Secondary school leaving certificate after year 10 The qualification is assigned to level 2 in the German and European Qualifications Framework. Completed with a grade point average of 2.0

Friedrich-Albert-Lange Berufskolleg (Technik/Naturwissenschaften) August 2019 - Juni 2020

Intermediate school leaving certificate with the entitlement to attend upper secondary school The qualification is assigned to level 3 in the German and European Qualifications Framework. Completed with a grade point average of 2.3

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